Sorcery News (March 29th)

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This week brings the launch of the Sorcery: Artist Series Playmats, a forthcoming Arthurian Art reveal, as well as news regarding several upcoming events from around the world!

Artist Series Playmats: Now Available

Working in tandem with our artists, Erik’s Curiosa is proud to unveil the first of our Sorcery: Contested Realm Artist Series Playmats, featuring works from iconic TCG artists Liz Danforth, Jeff A. Menges, Vincent Pompetti, and Drew Tucker.

Find out how you can get these limited edition playmats and support Sorcery’s artists directly here.

Upcoming Arthurian Legends Art Reveal

Witness the unveiling of an original work of art from Sorcery’s forthcoming Arthurian Legends set! On April 6th at the fan-run Australia & New Zealand Championship, Sorcery artist Lindsey Crummett will reveal an original piece of Arthurian Legends artwork.

Follow Lindsey Crummett on Instagram for a look at future Sorcery artwork!

Name this Combo

Last week’s “Name this Combo” brought out several noteworthy submissions for the Magellan Globe and Wayfaring Pilgrim card combination including “Wanderlust” from Woon J., “Around the World” from Alex W., and “Connect Four” from William B. Let us know your suggestions for naming this week’s ongoing combo.

Sorcery Gameplay: Battlemage vs. Avatar of Earth

Can't get enough Sorcery Gameplay? In our latest Sorcery: Contested Realm gameplay video, Jesse pilots the Avatar of Earth against the Battlemage in an aggressive head-to-head match-up!

Upcoming Events

Sorcery events continue to pop off around the world. While you can always search for events on the Sorcery Play Network, for those looking to connect with fellow Sorcerers at larger gatherings make note of the following upcoming events!

Share Your Event News

As a reminder, we encourage you to promote your events in the Official Facebook Group, where fellow community members can stay informed and your event can be featured!

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