Hand-painted Art

All illustrations in Sorcery are hand-painted using traditional mediums such as oil, acrylic, water color paintings, pen and pencil, or a mix of all the various media. This creates a very authentic and varied feel within the art, made during the golden age of fantasy.

All artists retain copyright of their own work for things like prints and playmats and many original art pieces from the game are available for purchase directly from the artists.

Sorcery art in progress

Artists with distinct personal styles have been chosen to make all cards iconic and memorable. The art in Sorcery embraces the varied art styles and mediums to create a wider breadth of art. In other words the art is designed to be eye-catching and instantly recognizable across the room.

Card preview

Among the 35 artists that worked on Sorcery, there are older and legendary fantasy and RPG artists, veteran card game artists, metal album cover artists, card alter artists and many up-and-coming artists.

Card preview

Andrea Modesti
Michal Nagypal
Drew Tucker
Melissa Benson
Anson Maddocks
Francesca Baerald
Vasiliy Ermolaev
Severine Pineaux
Jeff Menges
Vincent Pompetti

Dan Seagrave
Gadu Duaso
Lindsey Crummett
Brian Smith
Ossi Hiekkala
Matt Tames
Raffaela Cech
Elwira Pawlikowska
Doug Kovacs
Marta Molina

Liz Danforth
Anthony P. Szczudlo
Elvira Shakirova
Jeff Easley
Rodney Matthews
Alan Pollack
Truitt Parrish
Mattias Frisk
Ian Miller
Santiago Caruso

Jussi Pylkäs
Margaret Organ-kean
Caio Calazans
Adam Burke
Adam Kašpar
Frank Frazetta

(in chronological order, first to last in joining the project)