Dust in Sorcery: Contested Realm

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Sorcery’s Dust Rewards are now available on the Sorcery Play Network. Unlock the treasures of the Realm here!

What is Dust?

Dust is our way of saying thank you to our fans, players, supporters, and stores for your continued support. At its core, Dust is a loyalty system for all types of Sorcery fans, allowing players to unlock coveted promos, merchandise, and more. Dust serves as a reward currency, earned through various activities such as participating in events on the Sorcery Play Network and through opening and authenticating booster boxes.

How can I acquire Dust?

Dust can be acquired primarily in two ways.

Each booster box you open is fitted with a unique scratch code containing a serial number. Scanning the QR code will take you to the Sorcery website, where you can enter your product code - verifying your Sorcery cards’ authenticity, and unlocking a grant of Dust.

In addition to being acquirable through purchased products, Dust can be earned through participation and achievement in events on the Sorcery Play Network. Participating in learn-to-play events, casual meetups, and tournaments will unlock Dust rewards, while additional Dust can be earned through top placement in events.

Depending on the type of event and size of the event, participation rewards may vary. The larger the event, the more the reward for joining in!

Similarly, the greater the Realm contested, the greater the rewards for achievement!

What can I unlock with Dust?

Dust can be used to purchase items from the Sorcery Play Network’s Reward Store, from unique promo cards to playmats, merchandise, and more!

Visit the Sorcery Play Network Rewards shop to see what treasures await you.

How do I participate in the Sorcery Play Network and start earning Dust?

To join or host events, log in on the Sorcery Play Network. Your account information is shared across sorcerytcg.com, Curiosa.io, and the Sorcery Play Network. If you’ve logged in to any of these before, use the same credentials - they're all connected.

As a player, that’s it! You can now join Sorcery Play Network events and start earning and redeeming Dust!

If you are a store looking to host events, you’ll first need to submit an Organizer Application. This allows your location to host events for players to earn dust and be found on the Sorcery Store Locator. Once you’ve logged in, click on the drop-down menu, and select the Organizer Application to get started with the process!

Thank You!

We are incredibly grateful for the community’s support and are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and appreciation for Sorcery - Sorcery’s Dust rewards are but a small token of our appreciation. Thank you for loving our labor of love!

You can connect with the Sorcery community and Erik’s Curiosa Team in the Sorcery Official Facebook and Sorcery Discord Group.

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