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In the fantastical worlds held within Sorcery: Contested Realm, powerful magic imbues every living thing and even the land itself. With power comes conflict, as those known as the Avatars fight for dominion.

Tapping into the four elements — Earth, Fire, Water, and Air — these Avatars summon mythical minions, conjure ancient relics and cast a myriad of powerful spells to disrupt, confound, and ultimately destroy their opponent.

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Explore and Expand

Unleash your imagination and create stories of your own using a toolbox of elements and sites that align with your chosen Avatar. The Realm is yours for the shaping!

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Flavor First

From art to type, your encounters on the path to power radiate with style. Each of our artists has added their own creative interpretation to the character of each card, and each card name evokes an ‘80s and ‘90s RPG or Pick Your Path book feel. The type lines will give you flavor chills and the rules use everyday language to encourage a fun, kitchen table gameplay experience for all.

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The 1st edition set features an absolutely massive total of 400 cards and will be Kickstarter only. The campaign will have no limit on the number of boxes that can be purchased. The booster box contains 36 packs and each pack contains 15 cards.

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"The Four Elements" preconstructed set contains four 53-card ready-to-play decks.

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