Sorcery in the Northeast: Unison Games Cafe Hosts Connecticut Courtesan Cup Qualifier

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Chase du Pont

Unison Games Cafe, nestled in Hamden, CT, USA is gearing up to host an unforgettable event for Sorcery enthusiasts on Saturday, April 6th.

Known as a hub of community activity, Unison Games Cafe boasts ample play space, an inviting atmosphere, and a delectable assortment of snacks and drinks from their full espresso bar and cafe. A supporter of Sorery from the beginning, including hosting an Alpha draft, and on the heels of an eight-week escalation league featuring a guest appearance from legendary TCG artist Melissa A. Benson, store owner David Letourneau looks forward to elevating the competitive experience for their players, with the Connecticut Courtesan Cup Qualifier, a constructed tournament for players across the Northeast.

The brainchild of Letourneau and event organizer Ira Fay, this tournament promises to be a highlight for Sorcery players, with three coveted qualifying seats up for grabs at the larger fan-run Courtesan Cup event in Baltimore, June 14th-16th of this year.

Format of the Event

The event, a constructed tournament following standard deck construction rules, will kick off with 5 Swiss rounds, with a potential for an extra round if participation exceeds expectations. All matches will be best of 1, with no sideboard required, fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment for players of all skill levels. Following the Swiss rounds, the top 8 contenders will face off in a showdown to determine the ultimate victor.

In Capable Hands

Letourneau is no stranger to successful events, and participation expectations are clear - above all, the emphasis is on fun and camaraderie. Regardless of skill level, all attendees are encouraged to join in the festivities, with prizes available not only for performance but also for participation, including door prizes. “We’ve got a great vibe at the shop where a game like Sorcery really feels at home,” Letourneau shares.

Partnered with Ira Fay, organizer of the fan-run online Sorcery League, this CT-based event is in capable hands. Fay is no stranger to organizing events, serving as the event organizer for 2023's Official Sorcery Gencon tournament as well as Sorery's upcoming 2024 event. “First and foremost, we want everyone to have fun!” Fay states, “There are some people who are still learning the game and others who are quite experienced. The nice thing about a Swiss-style tournament is that people tend to get paired against other players of similar skill levels as the tournament goes on.”

Excitement is palpable as the tournament approaches, with Letourneau eagerly anticipating the diverse range of decks players will bring to the table. From classic builds to innovative strategies featuring lesser-known avatars, the event promises to showcase the ingenuity and creativity of Sorcery enthusiasts.

For those interested in learning more or securing their spot in the tournament, information can be found on the Unison Games Facebook event page as well as on the Sorcery Play Network.

As the date draws near, anticipation mounts for what promises to be a landmark event in the Sorcery community. With Unison Games Cafe as the backdrop, players prepare to test their mettle, forge new friendships, and leave their mark on the realm of Sorcery!

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