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Sorcery: Contested Realm is a trading card game showcasing hand-illustrated artwork, immersive gameplay, and a return to the core elements that made TCGs so popular. The game is at its best in open play, inviting both players and spectators to lose themselves in the unfolding story. As a retailer, you'll have everything you need to support a thriving local community of Sorcerers.



Sorcery: Contested Realm – Beta Edition is a return to the fundamentals of what makes trading cards great: exceptional art, strategic depth and exciting gameplay in uncomplicated products.

Empower your players to make their first foray into the Contested Realm with starter decks designed to get you straight into the action, or just open a booster box with (...or without) friends and crack packs!

  • Elemental Preconstructed Decks - SCRB1
    Four 52 card decks containing all the cards you need to get started. These are ideal for both new players wanting to learn, and collectors looking to expand their collection.
  • Booster Box - SCRB2
    36 Booster packs. Each 15-card booster contains 11 Ordinary cards, 3 Exceptional cards and 1 Elite or Unique card. The set includes 402 cards, each with a premium holographic foil version. Box Topper includes 1 Sorcerer, 3 Rubble tokens and 24 Mini tokens. With new, set exclusive, secret “curio” cards.
  • Booster Case - SCRB3
    Sealed case containing 6 Booster Box (SCRB2)
  • Battlefield Playmat - SCRB4
    33 1/2" (85cm) x 21 1/2" (55cm) art print neoprene gaming surface for two players.
Store incentives

Store Incentives

Sorcery: Contested Realm – Beta Edition launches with a Social Play Store Kit for “Brick and Mortar” stores around the world, containing the following exclusive items.


  • 2 Donnybrook Playmats
    Have Sorcery playmats ready to go in your store for new players, featuring reference locations and a QR code so your players can access the rules instantly.
  • 2 Mortality Playmats
    Can your players avoid Death’s Door and gain access to one of our limited exclusive ‘Mortality’ Playmats.
  • 5 Art Posters
    Highlight the incredible art of Sorcery with these posters, featuring some of the most iconic art from the set.

Exclusive Sorcery Cards

  • 21 Bone Rabble Alt Art Cards
    Store exclusive alt art “Bone Rabble” card as both participation (18 regular copies) and prizing of your choice (3 premium foils). Can your players raise the dead using the power of elemental earth?
  • 1 The Champion
    Assemble your most competitive players, your community agrees on the rules of engagement! But remember, there can be only one winner in the Contested Realm. Behold… The Champion.

(Social Play Store Kits are limited and subject to restrictions and qualifying criteria outlined with our distribution partners)

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Headless Haunt

Buy-A-Box Promo

When your players preorder from you, they will be able to pick up a Frank Frazetta Alternate Art Headless Haunt promo card.

Available from participating retailers, while stocks last.

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