Mainline Chess to Host Courtesan Cup Qualifier Draft in Philadelphia!

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Chase du Pont

Mainline Chess and Games is excited to announce its upcoming Courtesan Cup Qualifier on April 13th, just outside of Philadelphia. One of a series of events going on up and down the East Coast of the United States as a part of a fan-run initiative culminating in the Courtesan Cup in June.

A Unique Locale

Owned by international Chess Master Tom Bartell, the venue has traditionally been centered around chess. However, the emergence of Sorcery: Contested Realm has sparked interest within the community, drawing players with a shared enthusiasm for the strategic depth offered by the game's tactical grid-based gameplay and deckbuilding intricacies.

With Sorcery gaining traction and a dedicated following, event organizer Gabe Cavaliere aims to provide a platform for both newcomers and experienced players to come together, forge connections, and showcase their expertise in navigating the Realm.

Event Format

The event will feature a Draft format, designed to cater to players of all levels, from seasoned veterans to those still building their collections. Cavaliere emphasizes the unique and captivating nature of Draft play, stating, "While Constructed is a great way to enjoy Sorcery, the limited Draft format is one of the more unique and fascinating ways to play the game." In addition to the drafting experience, participants can look forward to random giveaways, including a foil Ruby Core, ensuring an element of surprise and excitement for all attendees. Prizes will also be awarded to the top finishers, with the promise of a box of the upcoming Arthurian Legends set from the store upon its release.

Paying it Forward

Reflecting on his own introduction to the game, Cavaliere recalls how a friend provided decks made with Ordinaries to him and other local players, igniting their passion for Sorcery. Inspired by this act of kindness, Cavaliere aims to extend the same warmth and hospitality to others. "I've played many different games, and one thing that I've found is that the [Sorcery] community is incredibly welcoming and friendly," he shares. "Our main goal with this event is to not only provide an enjoyable and exciting format but also to welcome players from distant locations into our local community."

For more information about Mainline Chess and Games' Courtesan Cup Qualifier, visit the event page on the Sorcery Play Network.

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