Sorcery Shines in the Sunshine State with Florida Courtesan Qualifier

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Chase du Pont

On April 20th, the Mystic Forge LGS will host Florida’s eagerly anticipated Florida Courtesan Qualifier.

Attracting players from across Florida and beyond, the Florida Courtesan Cup Qualifier stands as a gateway to the subsequent fan-run Courtesan Cup Event in June, set to take place in Baltimore, Maryland.

A Great Location, with a Community to Match

Citing his love for Sorcery, event organizer Luis Silva, also known as 2Fluent on the Sorcery Discord, shares ‘I want to grow the player base of Sorcery and fill the competitive appetite many in the community have.” With Mystic Forge capable of comfortably accommodating 54 players, ample parking, and strategic proximity to larger venues, Silva envisions this event as a pivotal trial run. “Our location positions us near venues that can seat several hundred and even a thousand players. If this tournament goes well, I’d like to host large yearly tournaments.”

Unique to this Courtesan Qualifier are the enticing prizes. The top player will be rewarded with an Alpha Precon Box and an exclusive playmat. Moreover, the top 8 players will earn an exclusive invitation to the Courtesan Cup, providing an opportunity to connect with other champions from regional qualifiers around the country to compete for additional prizes including two original paintings.

For the Love of the Game

Yet, what truly excites Silva is the prospect of filling Mystic Forge LGS to capacity, capturing the camaraderie of the Sorcery community he appreciates the most. “The Sorcery: Contested Realm community in Florida is alive and thriving!” Silva exclaims, adding, “ While Sorcery prides itself on being a casual game, we can always spice it up a bit and bring some friendly competition into the mix!”

Tickets for the Florida Courtesan Qualifier are available here.

Additionally, interested individuals can check the Official Sorcery Discord, the official Mystic Forge LGS Facebook page, or the Courtesan Cup Sorcery Social Website:

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