Announcing: Limited Edition Artist Series Playmats for Sorcery Contested Realm

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Erik's Curiosa

The art of Sorcery: Contested Realm is at the core of what makes Sorcery so special, with our talented artists bringing the Realm to life through their hand-painted works, evoking the golden age of fantasy.

We are proud to announce the first of our Sorcery: Contested Realm Artist Series Playmats, featuring works from renowned Sorcery artists: Liz Danforth, Jeff A. Menges, Vincent Pompetti, and Drew Tucker.

Each artist has been provided with 100 limited edition serialized Artist Series Playmats, featuring one of their most iconic Sorcery illustrations, to sign and make available to their fans and supporters. These Artist Series single-player playmats are available through the artists themselves, with all sales directly supporting them.

How to Acquire Sorcery Artist Series Playmats

These serialized mats provide an opportunity to directly connect with and share your appreciation for the ongoing work these artists do. Here’s how you can acquire one of these highly coveted Artist Series mats!

Mirror Realm, Liz Danforth

"The fans’ enthusiasm for 'Mirror Realm' has been extraordinary from the very start, and I have been overwhelmed and delighted. I am honored that Erik’s Curiosa created the new Artist Series playmats for me to share with those who love the game and my art. Patreon supporters will get the first shot, details can be found on my Patreon page. Thank you!” – Liz Danforth

Watch Tower, Jeff A. Menges

The fanbase for SCR has been incredible. The new Artist Series mats look terrific, and I am really going to enjoy getting them into the hands of the people who are just loving this game, and the Watchtower art. Far and away, it is the early favorite of the art that I've done for the game, and it makes a nice mat to boot. Hit me up early at events for a chance to land one!” - Jeff A. Menges

Roots of Yggdrasil, Vincent Pompetti

“Since the beginning, I am very happy to participate in the Sorcery adventure and to see this community grow with so much interest as well for the game as the art, but above all creativity of Erik and his team who created such a beautiful universe that allows me to express myself and excites my own imagination. It is a rare and precious project. This playmat gives me another opportunity to share my work!” - Vincent Pompetti

Primordial Spring, Drew Tucker

Thank you to Erik’s Curiosa for sending us these great looking [Artist Series] playmats. The Sorcery community has been super incredible and supportive. I am looking forward to getting the playmats out to you all. I’ve made a limited number available online - they’re all signed, serialized, and available through my website or you can contact me through Facebook Messenger. As for the rest, you’ll need to come find me at an event!” - Drew Tucker

Thank You!

The Artist Series playmats are our way of saying thank you to our fans, players, supporters, and above all else our world-class artists! We are deeply appreciative of your support and look forward to your feedback! Let us know what artists you’d like to see featured for future Artist Series Playmats.

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