Sorcery News (October 20th)

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Erik's Curiosa


This week we look forward to the reveal of an Arthurian piece from Liz Danforth at the Imaginative Realism Convention, explore the process Drew Tucker uses to bring his art to life, and hear about the potential for storytelling through Sorcery with Senior Game Designer, Mike Haught.

Arthurian Art Reveal at IX

Tonight is a special Arthurian Legends reveal from Sorcery artist Liz Danforth at the Imaginative Realism Convention(IX). IX is the world’s largest exhibition of original imaginative realist art and what could be a better venue to showcase the art of Sorcery?! Liz considers this piece the “most complex and ambitious painting” she’s ever done in her life. A written Q&A and photos will be posted this evening as part of her reveal, alongside images of IX on Sorcery's Instagram account, with a video interview to follow in the near future. If you are local to Reading, Pennsylvania, come by the show, meet Liz Danforth, and see her work in person! The IX showcase begins at 8:00 pm EDT. More information about Liz Danforth’s work can be found on her Patreon blog.

Sorcerers on the Scene!

Sorcerers have descended on IX, and with several prominent community members in attendance, you might be able to even get an impromptu game of Sorcery in (just make sure you brush up on Centerpoint's Death by 1,000 Cuts list before challenging him to a game!). Additionally, on Saturday, Mike Servati from Collector Arthouse will be in attendance to provide fan coverage, including some special showcases! You can find his content on the Collector Arthouse YouTube channel.

Artist Spotlights - "Painting the Realm"

Sorcery: Contested Realm is proud to collaborate with traditional artists to breathe life into the Contested Realm. Amidst the breathtaking hand-painted cards that constitute Sorcery, each artist brings their unique approach and process to crafting their pieces; you can get a glimpse of this in our "Paint the Realm" series.

It’s Spooky Season!

Building on last week's discussion on thematic decks, Game Designer Sean Goodison returns to discuss a Ghostly-themed deck that looks terrifyingly fun and will put you in high spirits.

Share your themed decks in the Sorcery: Contested Realm Facebook group, and stay tuned for an epic showdown between thematic decks by Chase and Sean!

Storytelling Sorcery with Senior Game Designer: Mike Haught

We continue to spotlight the team at Erik's Curiosa, and this week provides the opportunity to get to know Senior Game Designer, Mike Haught. Hear his take on the potential for storytelling in Sorcery: Contested Realm in our video interview and Q&A. Find out more here.

Sorcery: Contested Realm’s Beta Set Launches on November 10th!

Partners are working away on content for Beta launch week! As always, you can help us by sharing your events and meet-up plans in the official Sorcery Facebook group!

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