Meet the Sorcery Team: Sean Goodison

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Get to know the Sorcery Team!

This week, we continue to spotlight the team that tirelessly works to make your Sorcery TCG experience the best it can be, catching up with Sean Goodison.

If you missed our previous week's chat with the talented Game Designer Rafa Novellino, where we discussed Artifacts, make sure to check that out too!

Get to Know Sean Goodison!

Sean is a Game Designer and Graphic Designer at Sorcery: Contested Realm. In addition to his work as a designer, crafting new cards and helping to balance and refine ideas, Sean also ensures that the graphical elements of Sorcery and associated promotional material, are on the same level as the beautiful art that our partnered artists produce.

Q: What’s your official title/role at Sorcery?

A: Game Designer and Graphic Designer

Q: What’s your favorite minion? (And why?)

A: The Brobdingnag Bullfrog. Every element of the card is just firing on all cylinders for me. It’s got incredible art and a rather useful game ability, which is super flavourful not only for the minion depicted but also fits Water’s elemental identity really well. It has one of those classic Sorcery names, where it sounds awesome on first read and then you do a bit of digging and realize just how fitting it is (Brobdingnag is the island of giants from Gulliver’s Travels). And on top of all that, it very easily creates funny moments and stories when played.

Q: What’s your favorite combo in Sorcery? Why/What does it entail?

A: Ooh, there’s a couple built into my Mortal Armies deck that are quite fun. Though I do enjoy the look of fear in someone’s eyes when you hand the Avatar of Earth a Truesight Crossbow while atop some Vantage Hills.

Q: What’s your favorite Artifact? (And why?)

A: Doomsday Device, hands down. The number of times I’ve got it to work is super low, but I just love how it morphs the game and creates this side objective that both players now have to plan around. How do I keep my device safe until the last moment or how am I going to steal it? How am I going to deliver it to the perfect spot? It creates this game-within-a-game feeling that I really enjoy.

Q: What’s your favorite Avatar? (And why?)

A: Probably Battlemage, based on theme and art (Jussi Pylkas is a legend). I’ve experimented with a few decks using them, but it’s not quite there yet for me theme-wise, because I’d love to build something very minion-light. I’m really looking forward to a few more sets coming out and giving them more tools to be a one-avatar army.

Q: When are you having the most fun with Sorcery?

A: When I crush my enemies, see them driven before me… No, really it’s the weird outlier games. The ones that have probably run a little longer than expected, with big bomb cards being played every other turn. Or a stolen enemy artifact turns one of your own minions into something unexpected. Any time a game breaks out of a straight card-for-card trade turn-after-turn and away from established ‘best practices.’ Funnily enough, Draft play is amazing at generating these kinds of games, full of unexpected twists and turns.

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