Meet the Sorcery Team: Mike Haught

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Get to Know the Sorcery Team!

The team at Erik’s Curiosa is honored to be able to bring the Contested Realm to life through the tactical grid gameplay at the core of Sorcery: Contested Realm. Meet the dedicated members hard at work to make your Sorcery experience as memorable as possible!

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Get to Know Mike Haught!

Mike Haught is a Senior Designer at Sorcery, and his passion for ensuring Erik’s vision for Sorcery manifests in the cards we’ve all come to love so much.

Q: What’s your official title/role at Sorcery?

A: Officially I'm a senior designer, but I mainly play a supporting role in terms of production, product design, processes, etc.

Q: What’s your favorite minion? (And why?)

A: Easily the Pirate Ship. The art is just fantastic and the foil version is gorgeous. Functionally it's ahead of the mana curve owing to its waterbound restriction, but I won't let that stop me. It's a huge narrative win for me as well because of my background in early colonial and naval history.

Q: What’s your favorite combo in Sorcery? Why/What does it entail?

A: Anything that opens up new lands to plunder with my pirate ships, so I tend to favor things like Flood, the Avatar of Water, Tide Naiads, or the Great Old One (which incidentally has an old sailing boat on it, so that's a big win).

Q: What’s your favorite Artifact? (And why?)

A: Oh man, I've got a few. Sunken and Buried Treasure are solid narrative choices. Magellan's Globe is perfect thematically for my ship decks, especially when you are creating your bodies of water. A Siege Ballista is a great narrative proxies for a cannon. And what respectable pirate wouldn't want a flaming cutlass when pillaging an enemy ship? (er, on second thought maybe setting things on fire aboard a wooden ship is a bad idea...) ORRRR you could take to the air as sky pirates with things like Zephyranne airships and Wings of Invention.

Q: What’s your favorite Avatar? (And why?)

A: Currently, the Avatar of Water is my pick, allowing my waterbound stuff access to dry land. But Battlemage is a close second for those bloodthirsty pirate captains out there. Or Pathfinder for the more exploration-minded captains. It depends on whose story I’m telling.

Q: When are you having the most fun with Sorcery?

A: When I'm simultaneously living through and telling stories, with my opponent. I rarely play only to win. I play to entertain myself and my opponent. May the best story win, as opposed to the best player.

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