The Sorcerer and a Death by a 1000 cuts Deck with Centerpoint

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Chase du Pont

If you’ve explored the deck lists on for Sorcery: Contested Realm, chances are you’ve seen some of the decklists, and accompanying deck primers, put together by Steve (a.ka. Centerpoint on the Sorcery Discord).

We were able to catch up with Centerpoint between his matches on Discord to find out more about his “Death by a 1000 Cuts” Sorcerer deck.

You can view Steve’s full deck list on Sorcery TCG's official deck-building site

Q: Deck Inspiration: What inspired you to create this deck? What theme or concept behind this deck do you think makes it stand out?

A: I put this deck together with the traditional “death by 1000 cuts” strategy in mind. Card draw can often be a limiting factor in getting minions on the field, but with foot soldier tokens, you can generate minions separately from card draw, and disperse them across the board so you aren't concentrating on any one place.

Q: Key Card Choices: Tell us about some of the key cards in your deck and why you included them. How do they synergize with your deck's strategy?

A: There are a few! Here are my favorites:

House Arn Bannerman: A well-placed Bannerman turns my 1 power foot soldiers into 2 power minions. Combine two of them and now you have a swarm of 3 power minions ready to crush your opponent.

Border Militia: The token-generating powerhouse. It's easy to get more than 1 token per mana, especially mid-game. This is how you generate your "1000" little cuts.

Maddening Bells: Summon these into the hands of a foot soldier to harass your opponent and limit their spell-slinging ability. Even if your Soldier perishes, escaping this effect can be challenging.

Squirming Mass: The diabolical menace of the deck. What do 1 and 2-power foot soldiers do? They sacrifice themselves to protect their avatar. With a Squirming Mass nearby, it's easy to ramp up over 10 power in just 2 to 3 turns. You can power both of your Masses simultaneously or use one to kickstart the other if it gets removed.

Q: Playstyle Tips: What's the recommended playstyle for this deck? Are there any specific strategies or combos that players should be aware of when using it?

A: Reserve your Border Militias for when you can generate 3 or more foot soldiers. Unless you’re in dire straits, spending more than one mana per soldier is wasteful. Typically, during the mulligan phase, I aim for 2 villages and a defensive Gnome Hallows. In terms of spells, I’m always delighted to see Frontier Settlers, Shield Maidens, and my artifacts to aid in mana ramp and early game defense.

Q: Matchup Insights: How does your deck perform against popular archetypes in the game? Are there any particular matchups where it excels or struggles?

A: This deck has a relatively inexpensive mana curve, but it can be outpaced by a formidable burn deck. When facing one, consider playing a wide strategy rather than concentrating your forces deeply with your soldiers. In mirror matches against Earth-based decks, expect intense battles, so prioritize getting your Squirming Masses on the field and ensuring their protection while they’re still in their early stages. Additionally, be wary of Battlemages equipped with Screaming Skulls, so always keep removal options at hand with Common Sense. Otherwise, have fun and keep summoning those foot soldiers!

You can find more of Centerpoint’s decks on or catch up with him in the Sorcery: Contested Realm discord.

For more Sorcery gameplay discussion, join the community in the Sorcery: Contested Realm Facebook group.

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