Sorcery News (July 14th)

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This week, we have news to share about the Sorcery: Contested Realm Social Play Kit, an update to the Sorcery: Contested Realm Rulebook, as well as a look behind some of the changes from the design team. We also get a sneak peek into some arcane lessons from the Grandmaster Wizard!

Social Play Store Kits and Pre-Ordering Beta

Community members have already begun to gather for social play, and we are excited to share our Social Play Store Kit for those who are eager to contest the Realm. Whether you're a player or an LGS owner, you can help expand the Realm. Find out how here.

Rules Update

With players actively gathering for in-person events, and our first major event coming next month at Gencon, we've analyzed community feedback and implemented some updates to enhance your overall Sorcery experience. Click here to learn more about the Sorcery Rules Update.

Design Notes

The Sorcery design team takes a moment to share some insight behind some of the biggest changes to the Sorcery Rulebook, specifically looking at interactions around carrying things, basic abilities, and rulebook flow. You can find his notes here.

Sorcery School is in Session

We're not the only ones who have been hard at work; the Grandmaster Wizard has been busy training his young apprentice! We've managed to catch a short glimpse of a lesson in progress. Make sure to subscribe to Sorcery: Contested Realm on YouTube to stay notified of updates, events, gameplay footage, and everything Sorcery: Contested Realm.

Don’t Forget Your Dust!

A quick reminder for folks to 'redeem your Dust' the scratch-off barcode on the bottom of the booster box. Just go to and type in the code and you'll start accumulating Dust. We’ll be sharing more about Dust as we approach the launch of Beta, but you can read our previous announcement here.

Join the Sorcery Community on Facebook!

As always, we’re excited to hear about your experience with Sorcery, join the official Sorcery: Contested Realm: Facebook Community and share your stories, ask questions, and meet your fellow Sorcerers!

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