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Community members are already getting together for social play, and we’re excited to share our Social Play Store Kit for those who are eager to contest the Realm.

We’ve been overwhelmed by your support and energy. To help aid in your community’s growth we’ve launched a new “Become a Retailer” section on, devoted to empowering FLGs to support their local Sorcerers. In the first 24 hours, we’ve had a surge of stores sign up, head on over to and type in your address to find the closest one to you!

If you run a store yourself, there’s big news on both the distribution front and our Social Play Store Kits that you can get your hands on.

We've partnered with a number of new distributors worldwide. Our ranks now include PHD Games (Peachstate Hobby) and Southern Hobby Distribution in the US, Prince Distribution in Canada, All Interactive Distribution in Australia, and Bliss Distribution in the UK, are the first among the distribution partnerships we have announced, with more coming soon!

Pre-Ordering Beta Edition of Sorcery: Contested Realm

For store owners, product preorders are officially open so you can stock Sorcery - Beta Edition when we release on November 10th.

If you’re a player, watch this space as the realm continues to expand, or better yet, if your store isn’t listed yet, tell them about Sorcery! You can champion Sorcery by heading to, finding your unique referral link, and sending it through to your favorite games stores.

Treasures (Previously Untold!)

Now for the juicy part… The Sorcery: Contested Realm Social Play Store Kit will be available through our distribution partners, and it packs a punch!

The Social Play Store Kit is for “Brick and Mortar” stores around the world and has the following exclusive items:

  • 2 Donnybrook Playmats

Created specifically for helping onboard new players to Sorcery, the Donnybrook playmats feature quick reference terms and have a QR code for instant access to the rules.

  • 2 Mortality Playmats

Avoid Death’s Door and gain access to one of our limited exclusive ‘Mortality’ Playmats.

  • 21 Bone Rabble Alt Art Cards

Exclusive alt art Bone Rabble cards for use as both participation (18 regular copies) and prizing of your choice (3 premium foils). Can you raise the dead using the power of elemental earth?

  • 5 Art Posters

Highlight the incredible art of Sorcery with these posters, featuring some of the most iconic art from the set.

  • 1 The Champion Promotional Foil

The Champion Promotional Foil is for those looking to test their mettle in the Contested Realm. Your community agrees upon the rules of engagement, but remember, there can be only one Champion in the realm!

Social Play Store Kits are limited and subject to restrictions and qualifying criteria outlined with our distribution partners.

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