The Dust System

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It's time to reveal a well kept secret... Sorcery has a rewards program!

Every booster box you open is fitted with a unique scratch code containing a serial number. When entered in our website, we will confirm your Sorcery cards’ authenticity and award you a small amount of Dust - a substance that will grant you the ability to manifest untold treasures.

When you arrive at the web page to redeem your code, you'll see it asks you to log in. If you've used before, you'll already have an account you can use, otherwise go ahead and sign up. This will be the account you use for all things Sorcery.

The more you dive into Sorcery, the more Dust you'll earn, bringing you one step closer to unlocking digital customization perks, tickets to giveaways, coveted promos, merchandise, and more.

You will also be able to earn Dust by proving your power in tournaments, winning competitions and various other activities. Along with your Dust, we’ll track your achievements and award you badges to be shown off on your Curiosa account.

We are keeping our cards close to our chest on exactly what the Dust rewards will be, as they won't come available until after Beta launches at the earliest, but you’re going to love them. Some will be awarded as you hit milestones, while others will require you to save up and spend your Dust.

As your legend grows, so does your claim to the bounties.

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