Sorcery Contested Realm Rules Update (July 14th)

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Over the past few months, we've been busy collecting feedback from the community around the rulebook for Sorcery: Contested Realm. Thanks to your contributions, we have carefully analyzed this feedback and implemented several changes to enhance your overall gaming experience.

What's New?

You can find the updated rules here: Updated Rules. We have also made a version that highlights the changes to the rules since the last time you saw them. You can find that highlighted version here: Rules - Highlighted Changes

A few key changes include:

  • Avatars can no longer be Disabled
  • Added clarity around Large Minions, such as:
    • Positioning
    • Deployment
    • Carrying things
  • Provided clarity on carrying Artifacts and other Minions
  • Specified that Auras are played to the surface
  • Cleaned up and consolidation of Basic Abilities:
    • Consolidated Move and Attack basic abilities into a single, easier-to-understand Move & Attack Basic Ability
    • Streamlined Intercept rules to enhance clarity and balance
    • Defined that units can only attack enemy units and sites, not friendly units or friendly sites
  • Clarified that Teleport is defined as movement.
  • Added a section to the Quick Reference Guide with the keyword abilities for, uh... quick reference
  • Updated the flow of the overall rulebook

We are thrilled to see community members actively engaging in social gatherings and events, and we’ve got our first major event coming up next month at GenCon. During this event, players will have the opportunity to enjoy the game in various formats. This is the perfect opportunity to clean up the rulebook and to make sure that our journeys in the Realm start off on the right foot, whether they are being played on your kitchen table, or in the bustling halls of GenCon.

For players looking to explore the recent changes in greater depth, the Game Design team explains some of the rationale behind the larger components updated with these most recent changes here.

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