Sorcery News (February 23rd)

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This week brings news of past events and more upcoming, insight into how to play like the Unland Champion, as well as more gameplay from the Realm, and a reminder for those who missed our Arthurian Legend spoiler!

SorceryCon A Success!

Congratulations to SorceryCon event organizers David Cornwell and Alex West, as well as all the players, artists, and supporters who helped make Sorcery’s first fan-run convention a success.

Here's to the SorceryCOn Unland Cup Champions, Gilbert Mederios (Constructed) and Zach Bunn (Sealed)!

Play like a Champion of the Unland!

We caught up with Sorcery Champion Gilbert Mederios to discuss his strategy for achieving victory at SorceryCon's constructed Unland Cup event. Learn how the champion approached building the deck that helped him secure his triumph here.

A Growing Realm - Upcoming Events

Best of luck to all participants in the Baltimore Courtesan Cup Qualifier this weekend as well as to those participating in Aquila Gaming’s event in Brussels, Belgium!

With over 140 events on the horizon, remember you can search for events near you on the Play Sorcery Network.

Be sure to note the following events:

In addition, the Sorcery League, the largest community-run online league for Sorcery, is kicking off its fourth season, starting today! It has grown to an incredible 160 members — a huge thanks to Ira Fay for continuing to provide this platform. More information about how to participate in this free community league can be found here.

Gameplay from the Realm

Our latest gameplay video brings a faceoff between the Battlemage and the Enchantress. Will the auras of the Enchantress prove too much, or will the Battlemage find a way to emerge triumphant? Jesse pilots his favorite avatar and provides commentary - be sure to check it out!

Arthurian Legends and Valentine’s Day Love

We love our community, and the Apprentice Wizard couldn't help but share some love on Valentine's Day with a sneaky Arthurian Legends reveal. Make sure you follow Sorcery: Contested Realm on our socials, whether Facebook, Instagram, X, or YouTube for upcoming news and events!

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