West Virginia Courtesan Cup Qualifier 2024: Forging History!

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Chase du Pont

Sorecers, mark your calendars for the 2024 West Virginia Courtesan Cup Qualifier! Scheduled for March 9th, 2024, this free-to-play, fan-run event takes place in Hurricane, West Virginia, just a few hours away from major cities like Columbus, OH, Lexington, KY, and Pittsburgh, PA.

The venue, Game Grove, is the proud home store of Kitchen Table TCG, promising a fantastic gaming atmosphere and knowledgeable hosts! With a capacity for 48 players and sleek tables, the venue boasts proximity to excellent restaurants and hotels. For those unable to attend in person an exciting live stream will be available to capture the magic of the event.

This qualifier, alongside the Baltimore and Florida qualifiers, serves as a gateway to the Courtesan Cup, a final Sorcery event on June 14-16th in Baltimore, Maryland.

What to Expect

Participants can expect a 6-round Best of 1 Constructed format, with a potential additional round based on attendance. The Top 8 participants at the West Virginia Qualifier will secure a slot at the Courtesan Cup and vie for an Alpha Foil Pact with the Devil, Beta products, and more!

Louie, the event organizer and content creator from KitchenTable TCG, is quick to add “The Prizes are great, but being one of the first major tournaments in the history of Sorcery is just better. I hope we all walk away with memories that we are looking back on in 20 years with fondness of being involved so early in the history of the game!”

Kitchen Table Vibes

Louie, the event organizer is a veteran of the Sorcery scene and a long-time advocate for TCGs. “I love watching communities grow around card games,” Louie notes, citing the thrill of watching Sorcery grow and the opportunity to celebrate the game in person with the larger community as inspiration for organizing this event. Working to foster a welcoming and supportive environment both at Game Grove and online through KitchenTable TCG, Louie aims to make this event an opportunity for community members to immerse themselves in an unparalleled Sorcery gameplay environment.

For those eager to participate, sign up on the Sorcery Play Network. Questions and inquiries about this community-run event can be directed to Louie at Louie@gamegrove.gg.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of the West Virginia Courtesan Cup Qualifier - where Sorcery history is made, memories forged, and the Realm comes to life in the heart of Hurricane, West Virginia!

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