SorceryCon 2024: Unleashing Sorcery in the Pacific Northwest

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In the heart of Seattle, Washington, the Pacific Northwest Sorcery community is gearing up for a three-day event that promises to be a haven for Sorcery enthusiasts. Community leaders Alex West (Alex West) and David Cornwell (Floating Skull) are kicking off 2024 with their inaugural winter event, SorceryCon: Seattle. From February 16th to 18th, 2024, SorceryCon will bring together players, artists, and fans alike for a celebration of Sorcery: Contested Realm.

Three Days Contesting the Realm

Friday serves as an open-schedule day for attendees to arrive, settle in, and complete their registration. The entire event space will be open for players to mingle, engage in casual matches, and prepare for the excitement that lies ahead.

Saturday takes center stage with the Unland Cup championship, a main event featuring six rounds of Swiss and a cut to the top 8 in the evening. The day culminates in the crowning of the true Ruler of Unland.

On Sunday, the excitement continues with a Sealed play tournament, offering six rounds of Swiss and a cut to the top 8 in the evening.

David emphasizes the camaraderie and thrill of the game: "We'll be crowning the true Ruler of Unland by the end of it! (I cannot guarantee that it will increase your power to get in a swimming pool with them though)."

Inspiration Behind the Conclave

What inspired the organizers, Alex West and David Cornwell, to bring SorceryCon to life? David shares, "We're lucky to have a large number of Sorcery players in the Pacific Northwest region, particularly in the Seattle area." The passion for the game and a history of loving gaming conventions and organized play events made SorceryCon a natural fit.

A Fan-Run Affair

SorceryCon distinguishes itself as a fan-run event, fueled by the love for the game. David mentions, "This looks to be the largest Sorcery event that's been held unless there's some secret meet-up of a hundred people happening somewhere..."

Among the many attractions, getting Sorcery Artist Margaret Organ-Kean to sign your prized cards stands out. Be sure to bring your Cornerstones, Observatories, and Vril Revenants! Margaret Organ-Kean will have a table at the con for signings, make sure to stop by and say hello!

Find Out More

If you want to stay updated on SorceryCon you can find more information on the event website, as well as on the Pacific Northwest Sorcery Discord. You can also reach the event organizers at

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