March of the Mortals: Sorcery Takes Over Texas

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Chase du Pont

Sorcerers, get ready for a one-of-a-kind Sorcery: Contested Realm experience as March of the Mortals descends upon the Reaper Game Store in Denton, Texas, on March 16th! Organized by the passionate Sorcery enthusiast Drew from On The Play, this fan-run event promises to be a unique gathering of players, fans, and viewers alike.

A Venue Like No Other

Situated just 30 minutes north of Dallas, the Reaper Game Store is a world-class venue and part of the globally acclaimed Reaper Miniatures brand. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and dedication to building a thriving gaming community, the Reaper Game Store provides the perfect backdrop for the March of the Mortals Event.

A Unique Experience for Unique Mortals

March of the Mortals is not your typical tournament. Each player will receive a custom shirt and playmat, designed by Drew. The event itself is designed as a Best-of-one (Bo1) 6-round Swiss Constructed format followed by a Top 8 Bo1 playoff with a custom piece of artwork for the winner.

Drew has worked meticulously to prepare for the best possible in-person experience, going as far as to fly in community member Zach (Zachattack on the Sorcery Discord) to serve as Head Judge, as well as providing the judging team with iPads and earpieces for seamless communication during the event. However, Drew is quick to point out, March of the Mortals goes beyond just being a tournament.

The event will be a fully live-streamed experience, with cameras capturing the community, feature matches showcasing the best gameplay, player interviews, and interactive elements including weatherman-style play-by-play. Drew’s vision is to build a sense of community, making everyone, whether in-person at the event or not, feel connected to the excitement that Sorcery is so well known for! Drew shares, “The goal is not only to create a challenging and rewarding event for participants but also to make it an interactive and entertaining spectacle for the wider audience.”

Get Involved!

For more information, Drew can be reached through his YouTube channel, “On the Play.” Participants can also visit the Sorcery Play Network for event details and ticket purchases.

A dedicated March of the Mortals Discord server has been set up for real-time updates and community interaction.

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