Introducing the Waveshaper for Sorcery: Contested Realm

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Erik's Curiosa

Can you hold the line until your Avatar turns the tide in your favor? Perhaps you’re suited to playing our final Beta Avatar, the Waveshaper!

Water is the element of charm and trickery, with many low-cost minions that can stall an assault and magics that can manipulate the battlefield and even the enemy. All these abilities will buy water the time it needs to summon massive creatures from the darkest depths of the ocean and beat back anyone foolish enough to step into the water.

The Waveshaper excels at this long-term strategy of control. By conjuring massive waves they can flood sites to extend their domain and debilitate any minion there who isn’t accustomed to swimming. With water’s ability to push and pull their opponents into one shared location, the Waveshaper can lock down large portions of the enemy’s forces at once. After the opening few turns, when the Waveshaper has claimed enough of the realm to fuel their spells, they can focus on using this ability to keep important enemy minions out of the fight.

By stalling your enemy and dictating the flow of battle with your Waveshaper, you’ll eventually be able to build your own resources and turn the tides. Those extra enemy minions that were summoned to support their floundering friends will soon fall to the Wrath of the Sea, and if that doesn’t work an Island Leviathan or Diluvian Kraken will soon surface to seal your opponent’s fate.

The Waveshaper is one of four Avatars found in the Beta Preconstructed Decks. Looking to master a different element? Consider the Flamecaller, Geomancer, and Sparkmage!

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