Introducing the Geomancer for Sorcery: Contested Realm

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Get ready to unleash the might of colossal minions as your Avatar cultivates the seeds of conquest. Introducing the Geomancer, one of four new Avatars found in the upcoming Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta Preconstructed Decks.

In this contested realm, Earth is the element of simple, yet enduring strength, granting access to a plethora of powerful minions for every stage of the game. However, Earth truly shines in the mid to late game, when a tidal wave of brawny bodies overwhelms your opponent’s defenses, delivering them to Death’s Door. But for those who can’t wait that long, the Geomancer provides a consistent and effective way to ramp up your mana, allowing you to summon those heavy hitters much earlier.

When the Geomancer plays an Earth site, you have the opportunity to fill an adjacent void with rubble. Then, on a subsequent turn, you can transform that rubble into a site drawn straight from the top of your atlas. With strategic play, this ability enables the Geomancer to smoothly ramp up to 6 mana over the first 6 turns, albeit at the cost of choosing what sites to play where. Be warned though, sometimes the realm has its own plans as to what it wants to become, so mulligan your starting sites carefully to mitigate that randomness.

With a sturdy mana base established early in the game, you can begin summoning those beloved 4 and 5-cost minions that Earth favors, while also casting essential spells like Overpower and Bury. The Geomancer’s ability to continue tapping to play sites enables the realm giants to find their way to the battlefield or grants you the power to call down a meteor to finish off your opponent.

Get ready to wield the might of Earth and conquer your foes with the Geomancer, available in the Beta Preconstructed Deck for Sorcery: Contested Realm.

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