Introducing the Sparkmage for Sorcery: Contested Realm

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Erik's Curiosa

Your enemies are in for a shock when you light up the realm with repeated jolts of electricity. Introducing the second of our Beta Avatars, the Sparkmage!

Air is the element of knowledge and power, with mobile minions that can dictate the flow of battle and the ability to refill their hand of cards. What they lack in large minions they make up for with far-reaching magic spells and damage that can come from many surprising angles. The Sparkmage supports this aggressive playstyle with their second ability which combines with, and is powered up by, their spells to deal with any threat.

Mimicking the Lightning Bolt spell, the Sparkmage can tap to lash out at a nearby location, dealing damage to another random unit there, but this particular bolt grows more powerful for every air threshold symbol on spells you’ve cast that turn. Play an actual Lightning Bolt and follow up with Sparkmage and you’ll be able to push beyond that 3 damage threshold where a lot of damaging magic maxes out. Or Blink the Sparkmage into a more forward position to then zap a key minion your opponent was trying to protect. Or better yet, do both!

Between your own aggressive Airborne and Voidwalk minions, and your Sparkmage’s ability to deal with threats without spending a card, you can keep the pressure on throughout the game. Then, when your opponent least expects it, you can really shock them by playing multiple spells with low cost and high threshold. Try summoning a Cloud Spirit within striking distance of the enemy Avatar, then casting Teleport on the Sparkmage to swoop in and deliver a 4-damage hit from anywhere in the realm.

The Sparkmage is one of four Avatars found in the Beta Preconstructed Decks, standing proudly alongside the Flamecaller, Geomancer, and Waveshaper.

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