Introducing the Flamecaller for Sorcery: Contested Realm

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Just when they think they’ve got you on the ropes, your Avatar rises from the ashes to rule. Allow us to introduce another of the Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta Avatars: the Flamecaller!

Fire is the element of desire and destruction, featuring cards that drop all pretense and simply seek to burn the opponent and their forces. Even a modest flame, if not dealt with quickly, can lead to defeat as Fire applies relentless pressure from the early stages of the game. Playing with Fire demands a willingness to sacrifice one’s own minions, resources, and board presence in order to get ahead. It can be challenging, but the rewards can be equally remarkable.

The Flamecaller fully embraces this facet of Fire’s identity, utilizing their own cemetery as fuel with which to create projectiles. By burning up their dead minions, they are able to hand out damage as needed, whether that’s a steady stream of low-damage projectiles to finish off enemy minions, or a single devastating shot, saved up over the course of an entire game. The stronger the minion’s ties to elemental fire, the more power they provide, so naturally the Flamecaller likes to summon (and sacrifice) minions with high thresholds.

With an arsenal of other damaging spells at your beck and call, and ever ever-present threat of the Flamecaller’s firey blast, your opponents will struggle to keep their minions in the realm long enough to mount an attack. Take advantage of those moments to strike and let the damage slowly pile up. Then, when your opponent makes some headway and defeats one of your minions, be sure to really get in their head and remind them that every sacrifice is simply feeding the flames.

Get ready to wield the might of Fire and conquer your foes with the Flamecaller, available in the Beta Preconstructed Deck for Sorcery: Contested Realm!

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