Sorcery News (October 6th)

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Erik's Curiosa


This week brings an update from Erik Olofsson, founder of Erik’s Curiosa, a sample Sorcerer deck to cut your opponent down to size, as well as news about upcoming art reveals and a chance to hear from the design team about the challenges of designing artifacts for Sorcery: Contested Realm.

Catching up with Erik Olofsson

Erik Olofsson, founder of Erik’s Curiosa, takes a moment from logistics and design work to share what day-to-day operations are like in the lead-up to the launch of Beta on November 10th.

Arthurian Legend Art Reveal at IX

Numerous Sorcery artists will be in attendance at the 2023 IX Art Show in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA! Meet Sorcery Artists such as Liz Danforth, who will be unveiling an Arthurian Legends artwork at the convention! Liz has been teasing information about the "Big Reveal" on her website. There will be several Sorcery Artists in attendance at IX, be sure to follow Sorcery: Contested Realm on social media for more news and announcements - you never know what Sorcery art may make a surprise appearance!

Artifacts with Game Designer: Rafa Novellino

As we enter the final month before Beta, take a minute to get to know the Sorcery team! Rafa Novellino, Sorcery Game Designer, shares some of his favorite things about Sorcery in a Q&A form here!

Building Community on a Budget

Last week, Louie from KitchenTabletcg and Game Grove, a hub for all things trading card games in West Virginia, walked us through one of his strategies for cultivating a Sorcery community on a budget: Ordinary-only decks for Sorcery: Contested Realm. Explore his approach here.

A Sorcery Deck That’s A Cut Above The Rest

If you’ve explored the deck lists on for Sorcery: Contested Realm, chances are you’ve seen some of the decklists, and accompanying deck primers, put together by Steve (a.ka. Centerpoint on the Sorcery Discord) to help you sharpen your skills. We catch up with him to find out more about his “Death by a 1,000 cuts” Sorcerer deck!

Find out more here.

Community Spotlight: Haine from Wizards’ Den

In case you missed this week's Community Spotlight, we had the privilege of talking with Naoki, aka Haine, from Wizards’ Den. A seasoned Sorcery judge and player, as well as a wizard at content creation, he walks us through a controlled-themed Avatar of Air.

You can find more great Sorcery: Contested Realm coverage on the content page, as well as in the Official Sorcery Contested Realm Facebook group!

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