Building Community on a Budget! With KitchenTable TCG

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Chase du Pont

This week, Louie from KitchenTabletcg and Game Grove, a hub for all things trading card games in West Virginia, walks us through one of his strategies for cultivating a Sorcery community on a budget: Ordinary-only decks for Sorcery: Contested Realm.

We've already seen communities host Pauper events to unite their members and bridge the gap between experienced players and newcomers - Louie’s approach, however, is different.

From Your Collection to the Table

Rather than aiming to construct Pauper decks that strive to be the strongest on a budget, Louie’s focus is on building Duel decks using ordinary cards. These decks are easily assembled from existing collections, allowing veteran players to help immerse new players in the narrative and mechanics of Sorcery: Contested Realm, giving players a taste of what Sorcery is all about!

Louie talks us through two such decks here, a control deck and an aggro deck.

This is another great method for onboarding people into Sorcery, and it can be used both now with Alpha as well as with the Beta release on November 10th - these ordinary decks can be built with a box or two of Sorcery!

But Wait!... There's More!

Not only does Louie walk us through how to build these Duel decks, he also has them put to the test!

The Next Step: Preconstructed Decks

From here, new players can embark on their journey into the Realm with the Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta Preconstructed Decks, providing 4 Avatars, the Geomancer, the Sparkmage, the Flamecaller, and the Waveshaper. But more on those in the weeks to come…

Share Your Events and Meetups!

We've received information about numerous community meetups and ongoing events, as well as those scheduled for the launch of Beta on November 10th. Make sure to share your events in the Sorcery: Contested Realm Official Facebook group so that players can connect, and the Sorcery team can highlight them!

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