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This week offers an exclusive glimpse into the process of bringing a Sorcery painting to life, featuring insights from Jeff A. Menges. We'll also dive into the world of Thematic Decks, explore the avatars of the Realm, and get a deeper look at the Enchantress! On top of all that don't forget to join us for the Sorcery-sponsored "King of the Realm" event at Vincon this weekend!

Sorcery is at Vincon 2023 October 14th-15th

Sorcery: Contested Realm is sponsoring the “King of the Realm” event at Vincon this weekend! With two Sorcery Alpha Booster Boxes as prize support, host Adam "Zalem" Ray is also awarding the winner of the tournament his own personal copy of the Crown Sorcer Promo card!

If you are in or near the Colorado area, you won't want to miss out on this event!

Share Your News and Events!

The folks in the Pacific Northwest are at it again, this time with a draft event at Mox Bellevue, in Washington state. A community that prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere, veterans and newcomers alike are always welcome to join them in their fun. You can RSVP to their event over Discord here.

Have an event you are hosting (or attending?) - share it in the Sorcery Facebook group and let us know! We'd love to help spread the word!

Painting The Realm with Jeff A. Menges

All illustrations in Sorcery are hand-painted using traditional mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings, pen and pencil, or a mix of all the various media.

In our latest "Patining the Realm" video, Jeff A. Menges shares his creative process, detailing how he went about crafting the exceptional piece of art that is Buried Treasure. Make sure to leave Jeff a note of appreciation in the video comments! You can find out more about Jeff’s work on his social media.

Arthurian Reveal at IX and More!

Next week, artists from all over the world will gather at IX, the world's largest exhibition of original imaginative realist art. Sorcery artists will be present, including Liz Danforth, who will unveil a painting from the upcoming Sorcery set, "Arthurian Legends." More information about Liz Danforth's work can be found on her blog!

But that’s not all! Several other Sorcery artists, including renowned talents like Drew Tucker, Allan Pollack, and Jeff Menges, will be present at IX.  Sorcery super fan Mike Servati from Collector Arthouse will be assisting in showcasing one of these artists' unique pieces from Beta on Saturday, October 21st. You won’t want to miss it!

Thematic Decks with Game Designer: Sean Goodison

There are many ways to contest the Realm! This week Game Designer and Graphic Designer Sean Goodison talks us through his approach to Thematic Decks in Sorcery: Contested Realm.

Get to know the Sorcery team in our latest staff Q&A with Sean.

An Introduction to the Avatars of Sorcery TCG

The folks over at Cardboard Guide have put together a great introduction to the Avatars of the Realm, covering all 11 of the Avatars currently available - perfect for helping you decide which Avatar is best for you!

Enchanting Your Way Through the Realm

No matter which Avatar you select, there's a whole realm to explore! To aid in this exploration, we caught up with Adam "Zalem" Ray, the owner of GamesAhoy and host of the “King of the Realm” event at Vincon this weekend, to talk about how to build an Enchantress deck, a powerful avatar able to manipulate the magic of the realm to their desire!

Find out more here.

Beta Launches on November 10th

Partners are working away on content for Beta launch week! We’re not ready to share more details yet, but you can help us by sharing your events and meet-up plans in the official Sorcery Facebook group!

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