Contested Realm Event: Zulu’s Board Game Cafe in the Pacific Northwest

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Chase du Pont

Over the past weekend, the contested realm of Sorcery descended upon the United States’ Pacific Northwest, as sorcerers gathered to test their mettle at Zulu’s Board Game Cafe in Bothell, Washington. Departing from their usual weekly gathering, the dedicated group chose to host a "pauper" Sorcery event, exclusively featuring ordinary rarity cards generously donated by some of the group's seasoned Sorcery players. The group's first pauper event, aimed to welcome and instruct new players, preparing them for the exciting events scheduled around Sorcery: Contested Realm's Beta launch on November 10th.

Despite the restriction to ordinary cards, the event was host to the epic battles and tactical gameplay that Sorcery is well known for. David Cornwell, the event's organizer, recounted a particularly intense duel, where “my opponent and I were each at opposite corners of a 3x3 area. I had a Heat Ray in hand, but I knew my opponent was holding at least one Ice Lance, so neither of us could move towards the other to set up a shot without exposing ourselves to a counterattack in the process.” However, with a little ingenuity and the aid of Common Sense, David managed to secure a victory. Using the card to tutor a Mad Dash, he was able to close the distance and vanquished his opponent!

David emphasized the friendly and exhilarating atmosphere that prevailed throughout the meet-up, a staple of the Sorcery events held at Zulu’s Board Game Cafe. With several new parents a part of their group, the community brings both an opportunity for skilled matches, but also a chance to relax and recharge in a casual social play environment. In particular, David noted, the pauper format of the event was a great way to bridge skill levels within the community, introducing fresh challenges for deck building for seasoned players while also ensuring that newcomers could dive into the game without feeling overwhelmed.

The positivity and fun of the group, extended beyond their gameplay, David added, “The whole day, we had folks who had shown up to the game store for other events or meetups stopping by to ask us about Sorcery, the gameplay, and to remark about the artwork. The game’s table presence really draws attention once they see it.”

David is one of several key Sorcery community leaders in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, where weekly meetups at Zulu’s and nearby stores continue to flourish. Excitingly, the community has planned a larger constructed tournament for October 15th.

If you're been itching to play Sorcery: Contested Realm, are looking for a fun supportive community to join, and happen to be in the Pacific Northwest, be sure to join the Pacific Northwest Sorcery community on Discord to learn more about their upcoming events and connect with fellow enthusiasts in the region.

Are you hosting events for Sorcery: Contested Realm? We'd love to hear about it! Reach out to Sorcery at to let us know about your upcoming events and be sure to share your event in the Sorcery: Contested Realm Official Facebook group!

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