Sorcery News (December 22nd)

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Erik's Curiosa


This week marks a significant milestone as we close out the year with a retrospective with Erik, Simon, and the design team, reflecting on the remarkable journey Sorcery: Contested Realm has undertaken over the past 12 months. Additionally, we offer a sneak peek into the exciting developments anticipated in 2024, courtesy of the community, featuring two major events.

2023 Retrospective

A Chat with Cardboard Guide

Simon stopped by for a visit with our friends at Cardboard Guide to talk Beta Print Run, Curiosa, and the future of Sorcery: Contested Realm for a video chat you won’t want to miss!

Upcoming Events in 2024

Mark your calendars for two fantastic events coming in 2024, SorceryCon and the Australia/New Zealand Championship 2024.


The Pacific Northwest Sorcery community is organizing a Sorcery convention in Seattle, Washington, February 16th-18th, 2024!  “SorceryCon” brings opportunities for free play, a constructed tournament, as well as sealed tournament play.

With some of the most passionate players in the world, the Pacific Northwest’s SorcCon provides an opportunity for you to meet with other Sorcerers for both relaxed events and more competitive formats with the 17th’s Constructed Tournament being for the title of the “Unland Crown.”  Find out more about Sorcery’s largest fan-lead gathering yet!

Australia and New Zealand Championship 2024

Sorcerers mark your calendars; Oceania is set to become a realm contested!

On April 6th and 7th, join in for the Australia and New Zealand Championship 2024. Sorcerers from around Oceania are invited to join in for a weekend of multi-format play to determine who will be the Australia and New Zealand Champion of Sorcery: Contested Realm.

Learn more about the Australia and New Zealand Championship 2024, as well as how you can win an original Alpha Sorcery Painting here.

A Short Rest

The Sorcery Team will be back at it in 2024! We hope you have a restful holiday season!

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