Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta Events Around the World!

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The release of Sorcery: Contested Realm - Beta Edition brought a host of events around the world, with both established and new communities jumping at the chance to Contest the Realm.

As a reminder, share your events and pictures in the Official Sorcery Facebook group - here are some standouts from the weekend!

The Missing Piece, Seattle, Washington, USA

Sorcerers from the Pacific Northwest Community hosted a 16-person Draft at the Missing Piece, able to call upon their deep roster of Veteran Sorcery players like David (aka. “FloatinSkull” on the Sorcery Discord) to serve as judge of the Realm and to help onboard new players.

You can connect with the Pacific Northwest Sorcery Community on their discord.

Plenty of Games, Melbourne, Australia

Sorcery Game Designer, Mike Haught made an appearance at Plenty of Games - one of the epicenters for Sorcery gameplay and domain of Jesse from The Winning Agenda! With a strong community and notable Sorcery supporters such as David from Arthouse Syndicate flying in for the event - Sorcery is thriving in Melbourne, Australia!

Game Grove, Hurricane, West Virginia

Game Grove is no stranger to Sorcery, with Louie debuting Sorcery Beta Gameplay with the new Avatars on his YouTube channel - Kitchentable TCG.  Louie hosted a 15-player Sorcery event with the Beta Precons, with free Precon decks for participants! Additionally, you can see the Social Play Store Kit's Donnybrook Inn two-player mat in action below!

Stevenson Games, Pikesville, Maryland, USA

Stevenson Games started launch weekend with flair, rchestrating a Beta event that also doubled as the area's first-ever Sorcery Draft. For numerous participants, this served as their inaugural experience with draft-style gameplay, and by all accounts they've been hooked! A heartfelt note of appreciation goes out to Ron Almeida for championing Sorcery at across multiple stores in this region!

LGS or Kitchen Table - Contest Your Realm!

Whether you’ve been engaged in friendly matches at your neighborhood game store or caught up in epic battles around your kitchen table, best of luck in contesting the Realm!

Join the Official Sorcery Facebook group and share your experience!

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