Meet the Sorcery Team: Reuben Harcourt

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Get to Know the Sorcery Team!

The team at Erik’s Curiosa is honored to be able to bring the Contested Realm to life through the tactical grid gameplay at the core of Sorcery: Contested Realm. Meet the dedicated members hard at work to make your Sorcery experience as memorable as possible!

Get to know the Sorcery team in our latest staff Q&A with Sorcery’s Lead Software Engineer. If you’ve ever built a deck on Sorcery’s official deck builder, you’ve seen Reuben’s work in action.

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Meet Reuben

What’s your official title/role at Sorcery?

Lead Software Engineer. I make the deckbuilding, collection management, website, and playtesting systems, that kind of thing.

What’s your favorite minion? (And why?)

Too many to name! But ever since I first came across them I’ve had a special hole in my evil heart for the humble Sling Pixies. They look unassuming but give them a Poisonous Dagger and watch them reign hellfire on innocent villagers. Their ability to dodge incoming attacks from powerful enemies makes it hard for other players to get rid of the pesky weasels, while their pixie wings let them easily zoom out of harm's way. They make great little sky-mules for Devil’s Eggs and Maddening Bells too.

What’s your favorite combo in Sorcery? Why/What does it entail?

I like to build my decks around fun interactions that are in no way competitive, then spend way too much time trying to make them competitive. It never works, but when it does… well I’ve yet to find out. But I reckon it will be great. One combo I want to try to pull off is Plague of Frogs on a Standing Stones, Occult Ritual then Twist of Fate. Something slightly more realistic though, is Orb of Ba'al Berith in an Avatar of Fire deck. The whole deck is built around trying to run the other player out of threats by burning all their minions down, often by converting your fire sites in hand into Fireballs. The Orb lets all your fire sites be 2 fireballs!

What’s your favorite Artifact? (And why?)

Don’t make me choose. Blasted Oak or Chains of Prometheus because I’m convinced one day those types of effects will be the backbone of a deck I will love. Maybe you strip all the threshold somehow and try to just lock them down with artifacts until you can Devil’s Egg them to death?

What’s your favorite Avatar? (And why?)

Pathfinder. I like it when they require more work to build around and they do something weird. Pathfinder only lets you play one of each site, so you’re forced to play weird utility sites you might not always play. I love the chaos when unexpected sites pop up under your avatar that changes the course of the game! There are a lot of strong spells in the game that have spatial restrictions too, like Sleep and Immolation, that Pathfinder is especially good with since they’re often up in the thick of things, so you get to play some less common cards.

When are you having the most fun with Sorcery?

When I’m crushing my arch-enemy Chase.

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