Desert Power: Sand Worm-Themed Decks in Sorcery: Contested Realm

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Chase du Pont

At its core, Sorcery: Contested Realm is about storytelling, unraveling the mysteries of the Realm, and creating memorable tales through your adventure and battles with friends.

We’ve previously explored thematic decks as a way to further enrich your storytelling, setting up epic narrative clashes between spirits and demons or leading mortal armies to war.

With Sorcery: Contested Realm’s Beta edition boasting an expansive set of over 400 cards, the potential to craft unique and flavorful decks is virtually limitless.

We caught up with Senior Game Designer Mike Haught, who was inspired by recent theatrical releases to create three themed decks that will allow you to explore the Realm one desert Dune at a time.

Desert Power

At the helm of this deck is the Battlemage, rumored to be the fabled chosen one destined to lead the freed people of the deserts in reclaiming the Realm. Utilize auras like Sandstorm to mask troop movements or retreat to hidden desert Sietches using the Kingdom of Agartha. The Battlemage relies on hit-and-run tactics, the power of mobile troops, as well as the desert itself.

Minions enlisted in this deck are a diverse array of warriors and mystics embodying the desert spirit. Rimland Nomads, hardened by their harsh environment, take no damage from the desert and boast enhanced mobility, while the Sisters of Silence can strip nearby minions of their non-basic abilities, leaving adversaries vulnerable to the relentless desert onslaught.

However, no Desert Power deck would be complete without the inclusion of the iconic Worms, towering behemoths that roam the desolate landscapes of the Realm. Adding a little extra spice to the largely mortal-based deck, the Sand Worm and Conquerer Worm serve as powerful allies in the battle for Realm supremacy.

The Occupying Force

The Occupying Forces seek to tame deserts and extract their wealth, using bastions of civilization and industry such as the Smokestacks of Gnaak or the impressive Pillar of Zerios as their bases of operation. Ruthless and willing to do anything to wrest control, the Occupying Forces can call down considerable firepower in the form of Craterize and Meteor Shower, as well as utilize disciplined troops and impressive weapons of war.

Expanding the Realm of What is Possible

These decks are two of three that can be played together, with an eye toward flavor and fun, more so than balance. Take turns with a friend trying to defeat the occupying forces of the Realm!

What tweaks and changes would you make for an even more thematically flavorful experience?

Share Your Themed Decks!

We'd love to see your themed decks, whether pulling together themes within the Realm itself, your own stories, or in the recreation of powerful preexisting stories.

Visit the Sorcery Facebook Group and share your decks and experiences!

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