Baltimore Courtesan Cup Qualifier 2024: A Gateway to Sorcery Glory

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Chase du Pont

Sorcerers, prepare your spellbooks for the 2024 Baltimore “Courtesan Cup Qualifier.” Hosted by the Sorcery Social Club, this unique fan-run event, scheduled for February 24th, 2024, at No Land Beyond,  challenges players to come together to face off in 6 rounds of Sealed play followed by a Top 8 Draft. The overall victor will take control of a full Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta playset!

Spearheaded by Sorcery enthusiast Ron “Ra” Almeida, the Baltimore Courtesan Cup Qualifier aims to set the stage for a larger East Coast Tournament, the "Courtesan Cup."

Unique Prizing: A Sorcery Beta Playset

One standout feature is the Courtesan Cup Qualifier's top prize - a complete Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta playset. Ron notes with excitement, “It’s fully ready to go for any player to build any Sorcery deck they would like, and I think that’s pretty cool.” This reward offers an unparalleled opportunity for new players and experienced players alike.

In addition to the main event, which features a Sealed format comprising 6 rounds followed by a Top 8 Draft, there will also be a 16-player constructed tournament offering participants the opportunity to vie for a sealed Alpha Earth Preconstructed Deck.

Additional prizes will be available for participants to win throughout the event as well!

Beyond the thrill of competition, Ron hopes to foster an environment where participants will forge connections with the larger Sorcery community. For local players, the event provides an opportunity to test their skills on a grander stage. “This event is for everyone,” Ron is quick to point out, and an additional afternoon draft running in parallel to the Top 8 is planned to ensure players of all skill levels can continue to partake in the excitement of the day, regardless of earlier success.

A Trilogy of Qualifiers

The Baltimore Courtesan Qualifier is just the beginning of a trilogy of qualifiers leading up to the 2024 Courtesan Cup. West Virginia and Florida will host qualifiers in March and April, respectively. The Courtesan Cup itself is slated for June in the DC/Baltimore area.

Additional information about the Courtesan Qualifiers can be found on the event website here.

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