Sorcery News (November 9th)

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Erik's Curiosa


It has been a remarkable journey for Sorcery: Contested Realm, from a mere idea to a successful Kickstarter campaign, ultimately culminating in a worldwide release. We are immensely grateful for your support!

A Unique Approach

When Erik embarked on the mission to create Sorcery: Contested Realm, he aimed to break away from the norm. His focus was on traditional art, gameplay depth, collectibility, and, most importantly, capturing the intangible feeling that ignited his passion for TCGs from a young age.

This week, our launch partners have unveiled gameplay and deck analysis videos, but Team Covenant's dedication to capturing the spirit of Sorcery: Contested Realm truly shines in their gameplay videos. If you haven't had the chance to view them yet, they are a must-watch!

In addition to Team Covenant, we set out to collaborate with both established and emerging content creators, and our friends at Kitchen Table TCG, Wizard’s Den, and The Winning Agenda have all crafted fantastic content to celebrate the gameplay of Sorcery: Contested Realm. Don't forget to visit their channels for Beta release and ongoing Sorcery coverage!

Launch Week Celebratory Livestream

Join us on Friday, November 10th, at 9:00 AM EST for a 12-hour Release Day celebration with Zach and Steven from Team Covenant. Throughout the day, they will be unboxing packs, playing Sorcery, and speaking with special guests, including Erik Olofsson, the founder of Sorcery: Contested Realm.

Designer Update: What’s Changed from Beta to Alpha?

With the Beta release now available, you might be wondering, “What distinguishes Beta from the original Alpha release?”

Review the major changes here in our Designer Update.

Catch up on the Week’s News

There’s been a lot to follow this week! If you missed the overview of the contents of the New Beta Elemental Preconstructed Decks, with links to Avatar-specific spotlights, you can find them here.

TCGPlayer Sweepstakes

TCGplayer is teaming up with Sorcery for an amazing sweepstakes to celebrate the launch of Sorcery: Contested Realm – Beta edition! This is your chance to win boxes, decks, and more, totally free! Winners will be drawn on 11/13.

Find out more here.

Beta Launch Coverage Continues!

Sorcery boasts a vibrant global community, and the celebration of the Beta release continues this weekend with videos from content creators like Cardboard Guide and Collector Arthouse. Collector Arthouse will be holding another of his celebrated livestreams featuring both our incredible artists and some of Erik's Curiosa team members!

Enter the Realm and Connect!

The Sorcery Team is excited to see your box openings and pulls, hear about your play experiences, and have the opportunity to spotlight your meet-ups!

Remember to connect with the Sorcery in our Official Facebook Group and Sorcery Discord!

Your support is truly appreciated!

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