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The team is fresh off a reinvigorating trip to GenCon, charged with the electric enthusiasm and support of the Sorcery: Contested Realm community.

This week’s news update takes you behind the scenes, showcasing the final round of the tournament and delving into the minds of the two finalists as they unveil the intricacies of their decks and strategies.

The Geomancer: A Powerful New Avatar

If you missed the announcement during all the GenCon news, be sure to check out the official reveal of the Geomancer, one of four new avatars found in the upcoming Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta Preconstructed Decks. Find out more here.

Sorcery’s Vanguard: Gencon’s 2023 Judges

It is impossible to discuss the success of GenCon without acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the volunteer judges.

As a special thank you, GenCon kicked off with a pre-convention meet-up hosted by Team Covenant. Read about the special Judges-only event here.

Learn to Play and Draft Events: A Resounding Success

Prior to the commencement of the main tournament, Sorcery: Contested Realm set the stage with its learn-to-play and draft events. Designed to introduce newcomers to the game's mechanics and strategies, these sessions garnered an unprecedented level of interest. Attendees were eager to learn and engage, resulting in standby queues due to the events' sold-out nature.

The Draft events, a hallmark of TCG experiences, achieved equal success. Participants reveled in the excitement of constructing decks on the fly, fostering an environment of creativity and adaptability. The camaraderie and energy that emanated from these events underscored the values of the larger Sorcery community: fun and supportive, newcomers were enthusiastically welcomed into the realm.

GenCon's Inaugural Sorcery: Contested Realm Tournament

With special thanks to Wizard's Den, the Sorcery: Contested Realm championship finals were captured on film. Catch the gameplay with commentary from Sorcery Game Developer Ira Fay on the Sorcery YouTube channel!

Insights from the Finalists

To delve deeper into the minds of these remarkable finalists, we spoke with the Gencon 2023 Champion and 2nd place finalists to hear their thoughts, deck lists are also available:(Warning: Spoilers for the Event await!)

Gencon by the Numbers
The Sorcery: Contested Realm Championship wasn’t just a competition; it was a tapestry of diverse tactics, each woven intricately by the participating sorcerers. Check out the breakdown of what was played in the Gencon 2023 Tournament here.

Closing Thoughts

Community manager Chase du Pont sat down with Josh from Socery’s Gambler’s Club to talk closing thoughts for the events. Make sure to show some love to one of our developing Sorcery: Contested Realm content creators!

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