Sorcery: Contested Realm in Japan

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As global demand for Sorcery continues to grow, Erik’s Curiosa is delighted to announce that through its partnership with Legendary Games Distribution, Sorcerers in Japan now have greater access to Sorcery: Contested Realm product. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in expanding Sorcery’s presence in Japan, addressing the burgeoning demand for immersive TCG gaming experiences in the region.

“Our team is thrilled by the overwhelming support we’ve received from Asia,” shares Simon Swan, Director of Operations at Erik’s Curiosa. “Thanks to our partnership with Legendary Games Distribution, Sorcery: Contested Realm TCG is now available to even more players and communities in Japan, an area that was initially underserved by our worldwide release.”

Legendary Games Distribution(LGD), known for its dedication to supporting gaming communities throughout Asia, currently serves over 250 local game stores across the region. This expansion of the Sorcery community in Japan marks an exciting moment for both companies and sets the stage for further growth in Asia.

“We at Legendary Games Distribution are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our Japanese Sorcerers as they step into the Contested Realm.” shares LGD Founder and CEO, Nick Tung. “This is an exciting expansion of our Sorcery community in Asia, as this sets the stage for an unforgettable journey that paves the way for the highly-anticipated expansion Arthurian Legends later this year!”

Store owners interested in stocking Sorcery: Contested Realms TCG are encouraged to contact Legendary Games Distribution via email at or visit their website at

Welcome Sorcerers!

As even more TCG enthusiasts enter the world of Sorcery, Erik’s Curiosa has a special message from Haine, a community Sorcery advocate from the YouTube channel Wizards’ Den, to welcome newcomers from Japan as they begin their journey into the Contested Realm!

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