Packaging and Foil Card Update

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Erik's Curiosa


All cards are now printed and cut, including the ones in the Box Topper Pack and Pledge Pack coveted holographic foils (make sure to watch the video below to the end!). Our production partner is soldiering on with it and 48% of booster packs have now been assembled and sealed. Box Topper Packs and Pledge Packs are being assembled in parallel.

Booster Boxes & Holographic Foils

The full production booster box has a new scratch-free lamination, as well as a black inside and a black divider between the three piles of packs. When a box is opened, the alpha foil promo Sorcerer greets you through a transparent box topper pack.

Preconstructed Decks

As part of the quality assurance process, we put together this infographic to show exactly what to expect from your preconstructed deck box. Something to note is that we added three Rubble tokens and four Double-sided mini tokens to help players show disabled minions and flooded sites.


We're looking forward to hosting a variety of organized play events at GenCon in August, including beginner-friendly events, draft, and a constructed "Crown of the Victor" Championship where the winner takes home a the namesake original art! Stay tuned for more information on our Sorcery Discord.

Make sure your delivery addresses are up to date on Backerkit as soon as possible because the shipping date will be here before we know it!

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