First Look: Arthurian Legends’ "Sir Pelleas" art by Alan Pollack

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Sorcery: Contested Realm is well known for its talented artists, who use traditional mediums to bring the Realm to life through their hand-painted art.

With Arthurian Legends, Sorcery’s upcoming expansion set to release in early Q4 2024, there are plenty of opportunities to bring stories loved by generations to life, but with a Sorcery twist, and who better to do so than celebrated Sorcery artist, Alan Pollack?

With iconic cards including Giant Shark, Quarrelsome Kobolds, and Moon Clan Werewolf, Alan Pollack’s work has endeared him with those who share an appreciation for imaginative realism.

Pollack shares how he brings his art to life with an “old school” approach:

“I prefer the traditional method of painting with oils. I start out either fixing a drawing to a board using Matte Medium or I go the old school route of applying gesso to a board and transferring the drawing by scribbling on the back of the drawing and retracing it on the front which creates something like a carbon copy. I then create an underpainting with acrylics and finish and add detail with oils”

Enter “Sir Pelleas” to debut in Arthurian Legends

Connect with Alan Pollack and Sorcery: Contested Realm

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