Unveiling Arthurian Legends' "Coy Nixie" by Lindsey Crummett

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When you first think of Arthurian Legends, your mind might go straight to images of chivalrous knights, reckless squires, and majestic castles. While these elements certainly form the core of these cherished tales, beyond the gallantry and heroism, lies a realm where appearances can be deceiving, and mysteries await within the dark forests and secluded caves.

It is against this backdrop that unique mortals struggle, ascending into legend as triumphant heroes or, in their failures, serving as a cautionary tale to others.

Enter “Coy Nixie,” the continuation of Lindsey Crummett’s impressive contributions to Sorcery: Contested Realm, to debut in the highly anticipated Arthurian Legends set releasing in 2024.

Lindsey Crummett, Sorcery Artist

Renowned for her captivating Sorcery series, including masterpieces like “Ancient Dragon” and “Palliburrie Bats,” Lindsey Crummett serves as a prime example of the caliber of artists that contribute to Sorcery: Contested Realm. With over 16 years of experience spanning the gaming industry, as well as film and television, collectibles, and art installations, Lindsey’s creative journey embodies a fusion of skill, passion, and imagination.

Painting the Realm

We caught up with Lindsey Crummett, who shared her thoughts on the creation of the Coy Nixie:

“When Erik approached me about this piece, I immediately thought, ‘Sweet! I love the nature of old-school Fae mythology. They’re beautiful and alluring, and their motivations are not fully understood. The more I read about Nixies, the more I was drawn to the idea of them transforming. They could pass for humans, but there was usually a tell, something off if you know what to look for.”

“When approaching Coy Nixies, I wanted to capture the moment when she was transforming, to convey when she could not hide her true nature. People have seen mermaid tails before, but here in New Zealand, we have a lot of eels in the waterways. I wanted to play with that, depicting this feminine creature in a pretty white dress and then adding something unsettling and wrong with the tail being that of an eel.

You often read about Nixies being dangerous, luring men in to drown, and I wanted to allude to that with the skull and sword beneath the water.”

Crafting Sorcery’s Hand-painted Traditional Art

“All of my Sorcery work is in oils. I’ve worked across so many mediums as a professional artist; traditional clays, digital sculpting in Z-Brush, pencils, Photoshop painting, and oils. I still use a mix of media, as I often mock up my pieces digitally before committing to paint, since I became fast that way during my time in the film industry.

In my first Sorcery set, I digitally sculpted a few of the subjects, posed, and lit them to use as painting reference. Master painters like James Gurney sculpt and light their painting references, so I sometimes take advantage of being able to do this!”

Sorcery Artist Interview

To share her work directly with the community, Lindsey was on hand to reveal her piece, “Coy Nixie” at the community-run “Australian and New Zealand Sorcery Championship” hosted by Plenty of Games in Melbourne, Australia.

If you missed the grand reveal, you can watch her interview with Jesse from the Winning Agenda, alongside Sorcery: Contested Realm founder, Erik Olofsson here:

Connecting with Lindsey and Sorcery: Contested Realm

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