Avatar of Yggdrasil Community Event Celebrates Sorcery: Contested Realm in Paris, France

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On June 22nd, Sorcerers will converge on Paris, France for the “Avatars of Yggdrasil Cup,” a community-driven event poised to unite Sorcery: Contested Realm players from across the Realm. Organized by passionate players and collectors, this gathering promises a unique blend of gaming, community spirit, and appreciation for the artistry that Sorcery is so well known for. If that wasn’t enough, attendees can look forward to an exclusive preview of art from the upcoming Arthurian Legends set, showcased in person!

An Epic Venue

Led by veteran TCG enthusiast and seasoned event organizer, Guillaume Denoix, alongside Cédric Françoise, the “Avatars of Yggdrasil Cup” unfolds at Play-In BNF on June 22nd. France’s largest trading TCG store, Play-in BNF, offers modern amenities, easy accessibility, and a prime location facing the National Library of France.

While Constructed gameplay and the 40-person Swiss Round event takes center stage, Denoix is equally dedicated to fostering community bonds and facilitating artist-player interaction. “We decided to organize this event to unite the European and French Sorcery community around the art of Vincent Pompetti and Séverine Pineaux,” Françoise shares, “That’s why we call it the Avatars of Yggdrasil Cup!”

Participants will have the unique opportunity to talk with Sorcery artists Vincent Pompetti and Séverine Pineaux throughout the day, as well as play alongside Pompetti during the event.

See Arthurian Legends Art in Person

While the allure of placement prizes is undeniable, Denoix looks to celebrate the community’s support and has curated a series of additional reveals and rewards. These include the raffling of an Alpha Philosopher Stone and an exclusive Artist Series Roots of Yggdrasil playmat.

However, what truly excites Denoix is the forthcoming reveal of two pieces of Arthurian Legends art, set to debut during the event and shared via live stream.

Whether attending in person or tuning in remotely, this event promises a unique opportunity to celebrate the Sorcery community and gain insight into the forthcoming Arthurian Legends set.

Whether you are able to attend the event in person or will be watching on stream, this looks to be a unique opportunity to celebrate the Sorcery community and catch a glimpse of what’s to come with Arthurian Legends later this year!

To register for this event visit: https://forms.gle/i9HtDsE3U7Uez7qm6

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