Arthurian Legends First Look: “Siege Giant” by Truitt Parrish

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Sorcery: Contested Realm is proud to feature the work of Truitt Parrish, one of our talented emerging artists. Truitt’s dynamic style brings a fresh perspective to Sorcery’s highly anticipated set: Arthurian Legends, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the contributions of veteran TCG artists.

Originally commissioned as the magic spell “Toss” for Sorcery’s Alpha set, this piece found a new home among the imposing villains of Arthurian Legends as “Siege Giant. This piece illustrates how unused artwork can eventually find a home, reimagined within a new setting, and holds a special place in Truitt’s artistic journey.

"I was commissioned to do this card for the original set, so I did it a while back. During this time, I was doing the paintings on fairly small boards, thinking that was what the assignment required. I generally like to work larger as it allows me to play with brushwork and get more detailed without getting super small. This piece, I believe, was either the last one or one of the last ones I did on a small board."

Truitt Parrish: Sorcery Artist

Truitt’s academic background, including his thesis on the War of the Roses, has enriched his understanding and appreciation of historical and mythical themes, making his contributions to the Arthurian Legends set particularly resonant:

"My thesis for my BFA show in college was on the War of the Roses, which took place in England in the 1500s. Although King Arthur was said to be before this time and is steeped in myth and legend, it definitely held some similarities and sounded like AL was going to be right up my alley."

With "Siege Giant" being an early work of Truitt Parish's that is just now making its appearance in Arthurian Legends, his more recent works will also be featured. "I very much enjoy getting my art out and being seen by a wider audience. Having a fanbase is an interesting experience; mostly, I am just happy my art is bringing joy and excitement to others.”

Arthurian Legends

A Realm of adventure awaits you in Arthurian Legends, the eagerly awaited set for Sorcery: Contested Realm boasting beautifully crafted cards featuring hand-painted pieces of art, for standalone use or alongside Sorery’s Alpha and Beta editions. Find out more at

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