Aquila Gaming Store Champions Sorcery: Contested Realm in Belgium

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Chase du Pont

Following a successful February event, Aquila Gaming is gearing up to launch its third Sorcery: Contested Realm event on March 24th in Brussels, Belgium.

Niek Van Lissum, Aquila's Community Manager, fueled by a profound affection for TCGs dating back to the mid-90s, endeavors to cultivate a supportive environment for the burgeoning Benelux Sorcery scene. He envisions a space "where players can gather to engage in structured play, experience the thrill of competition, and receive feedback and deck-building guidance from fellow Sorcerers."

A Renowned Venue

Equipped with professional gaming tables and the capacity to accommodate events for up to 500 attendees, Aquila Games is poised to expand its community, with an eye toward hosting larger-scale events in the future. Their primary focus is on creating enjoyable and accessible events that cater to both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

Upcoming Draft

Aquila Gaming's March event offers players the chance to partake in a Draft event, set to unfold during what the organizers affectionately refer to as a "chill afternoon." Building upon the success of two previous Sorcery: Contested Realm events, this gathering not only provides an avenue for gameplay but also offers participants opportunities to trade cards and enhance their collections.

For newcomers hesitant about joining a Draft-format event, facilitators will be on hand to oversee games featuring the Beta Preconstructed Decks.

This event marks the initial step in Sorcery Benelux's strategy to leverage its premium space and tournament organization expertise to deliver exceptional Sorcery events. With ample parking and a welcoming gaming environment, Aquila Gaming is an excellent establishment to acquaint yourself with. They intend to host further events in the future, providing ample opportunities to showcase your skills!

Mark your calendar for Aquila Games "Old World Sorcery" Event on March 24th, event details can be found here on the Sorcery Play Network.

You can connect with the Benelux Sorcery community on their regional Discord server here.

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