Sealed Format

The Sealed format is a means to test your mettle and hone your skills. Build decks on the spot from a predetermined set of booster packs that you open. Explore any emergent strategies that you see as the cards present themselves, and face off against a littany of opponents.


Any number of players!


We recommend 6 boosters per player, plus more for prizes. This gives a generous enough range of cards and elements for players to put their deck building skills to the test while keeping the power level of the average deck under control.

You’ll also need 1 Sorcerer avatar and ~5 of each ordinary site per player. For example, if you’re running an 8 person sealed event, you’ll need 48 boosters (6x8) plus prizes, and have 8 Sorcerer avatars plus 40 (5x8) of each Ordinary site on hand (e.g. River, Desert, Village, Tower, and ensure you have an even distribution of Towers). A typical prize is one booster per win, so figure out how many rounds your tournament will last, and then multiply by the number of players divided by 2 (round up for byes).


Give approximately 20 minutes for players to open their packs and complete deck construction, and approximately 45 minutes per game (perhaps an hour total per round with time for pairings and any games that reach the time limit). Use normal Swiss tournament rules, or a fixed number of rounds if you have time constraints.


Players build Sealed decks according to the following rules:

  • 1 Avatar. Either the supplied Sorcerer, or any Avatar you open in your boosters.
  • Your Spellbook will contain at least 25 cards - your arsenal of minions, magics, auras, and artifacts.
  • Your Atlas will contain at least 12 cards - your sites with which you'll construct the realm around you.
  • There is no deckbuilding constraint on cards according to their rarity!
  • Players can use any number of supplied Ordinary sites (or they can bring their own) to supplement any they opened and wish to play in their decks.


Give approximately 20 minutes for players to open their packs and complete deck construction. Then, play a Swiss-style tournament with all the players until you have an overall winner. We reccomend playing 2-3 rounds, but you can play as many as you like. Leave about 45-60 minutes to play each round of games and enjoy your decks! Players keep all the cards they open!

Each player starts on 20 life. We recommend playing on a 5 wide by 4 tall grid. You'll play your sites in the grid squares, summon your creatures to them, and do battle with your opponent. Reduce the opponent to 0 life to bring them to Death's Door, then deal the final blow to win the game.