Tracking Your Sorcery: Contested Realm Beta Collection

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One of the pillars of Sorcery: Contested Realm is its collectibility. With a vibrant and celebrated collection of artists, each card, from the most unassuming Ordinary to the mightiest Unique is worthy of celebration!

However, given the extensive card pool, maintaining an organized record of your collection, especially as you engage in trades with your fellow Sorcerers, can be a daunting task.

Manage Your Collection Your Way

For those looking for an “old-school” approach to tracking their collection, we present… the printable PDF Beta Sorcery: Contested Realm collection checklist!

Whether you prefer the standard A4 size or the US Letter size, we have you covered!

Beta PDF Collection Tracker

You can also similarly manage your Alpha Collection!

Alpha PDF Collection Tracker Collection Management

Sorcery’s official deck builder,, offers a collection tracker feature, where you can digitally track your acquisitions and tie your collection to your building, as explored in our interview with the creator and curator, Reuben.

With the tools provided in, you can manage your collection all in one place using the same Sorcery card filtering system that the community knows and loves. You can supercharge your deckbuilding experience by easily seeing which cards you do and don’t have while deck building (and browsing others' decks!), and even limiting the card pool you can build decks from to only cards within your collection.

Here's a quick crash course on collection management on Collection Tracking - Getting started

Head to to get started. Once you’re in, you’ll see an empty collection. If you only have 1 or 2 cards to add, you can use the “quick add” search tool to find and add them. You’ll notice when you’re searching that, unlike when building decks in, card results are split out into their various printings - Alpha, Alpha Foil, Beta, Beta Foil, etc.

As you add your cards, you’ll also notice that those cards are grouped for you in your collection, and as you click into them you can drill down into the specific printing. As you enter cards like this, they will default to “near mint” condition (NM). Click on them anytime to edit the condition, make notes on a specific item, or simply remove the card from your collection.

As your collection grows, you’ll be able to use the search and filtering tools to explore your collection, see which foils you have, etc. You can press the “expand all” option above the search filters to toggle all card and print groupings open by default or press the “allow quick edit” option to open up the quick edit options where you can quick-delete individual items or entire groupings, quick-add more copies, or even bulk-add using the little lightning bolt icon.

If you’re looking to fill out a sizable collection, by far the best way to do this will be to go into “edit mode” using the giant button in the header. If you’ve built decks in before, you’ll recognize this system. From here you can see your collection alongside the full card library.

Use the familiar search and filtering options to narrow down your search and take it step by step. Similar to the previous view, cards here are grouped by default, and you’ll need to click into them to expand the various printings. To add cards to your collection, you can either click the little plus icon underneath the printing or click the image to see more info and bulk add options.

Similar to the previous functionality, you have the option to expand all groupings by default or access the quick edit options in the decklist sidebar located above the filters.

A pro tip to keep in mind is that whenever you apply a search or filter, an extra option will emerge for bulk adding, identifiable by the lightning bolt icon. Clicking on this icon will prompt a confirmation screen before seamlessly incorporating all your search results into your collection. On the confirmation screen, you can adjust the quantities you wish to add for each card.

With these tools at your disposal, you can efficiently expand your collection and effortlessly integrate it with decks you're considering building, instantly highlighting any missing cards. Simply click the 'enable collection tracking' option located above the decklists.

If you're editing your own deck, you'll also find an option to narrow down the card library search tools, ensuring they only consider cards available in your collection.

Happy brewing!

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