Tokyo Gets a Taste of Sorcery with Wizard's Den

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Chase du Pont

Long known for his outstanding content on the popular Sorcery-focused YouTube channel Wizard’s Den, Naoki, also known as Haine, recently sought to contest his local Realm, aiming to drum up interest in Sorcery: Contested Realm with a 5-hour Learn-to-Play event in the heart of Toyko, Japan.

Sharing a Passion for Sorcery

Renowned for his meticulous approach to topics, Haine shares that he set a threefold objective for his event: “to acquaint attendees with Sorcery: Contested Realm and its product philosophy, to ensure participants understood enough of the rules to play the preconstructed decks, and ultimately, to cultivate a local fanbase of the game to play with."

The event featured a mix of teaching sessions, booster openings, and opportunities for participants to explore Haine’s Sorcery collection while discussing their appreciation for the art.  “It was a learn-to-play session, in short,” he humbly emphasizes.

However, despite careful preparation, including translating the Sorcery rulebook into Japanese and crafting a practice teaching script, Haine admits to a moment of doubt the morning of the event, wondering “What happens if no one likes the game?”

Fortunately, the event surpassed all expectations! Haine reports that players were captivated by Sorcery’s gameplay and its iconic art, which has endeared itself to so many. In post-event feedback, participants expressed their thorough enjoyment of the experience as well as an appreciation for the thoroughness of Haine’s teaching methods. The excitement of hearing how much participants enjoyed the experience has further reinvigorated Haine’s desire to organize future events in a similar style, sharing “I’m hoping to run more meet-ups not just in Tokyo, but also in the Osaka/Kyoto region as well!"

Sorcery is privileged to have advocates like Haine globally contributing to the promotion and sharing of Sorcery within their local communities. We love to hear about your events, be sure to tag Sorcery: Contested Realm on social media and use the hashtag #sorcerytcg when posting online!

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