There and Back Again

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Mike Haught

In Sorcery: Contested Realm, your avatar uses sites to expand their influence on the realm, determining where your forces can move and attack the enemy. However, these sites are so much more than just simple stepping stones to victory. Sites open up new paths to your objective, form powerful defenses, and render areas extremely perilous to the hapless minions that wander across them. They imbue the realm with opportunities, enhancements, and even malice. Together with your opponent, you sculpt the landscape of the Realm through your sites. The sites you play are an integral part of the story you’re telling. What’s more, these sites are not just static backdrops. Each site possesses its own character, influencing the game in one way or another. Let’s have a look at the most common types of sites you will encounter.

Genesis Sites

One of the most common abilities found on sites are genesis abilities. These abilities trigger the moment they come into play and have an instant, one-off effect on the game. For example, consider the Red Desert. When it comes into play, the sudden scorching heat from this site withers a nearby site, damaging minions there.

Where you play a site is also crucial. Shifting Sands serves as a perfect example. If you place it near that Red Desert, the site’s genesis ability allows you to trigger the desert’s ability once again!

Persistent Sites

Some sites have a lasting impact on the Realm. You and your opponent will have to take these into account when planning your moves. For instance, sites like Maelstrom pull units toward them, akin to a giant black hole.

Others offer interesting ways to navigate through the Realm, such as Planar Gate. These sorts of sites open up new strategies and ways to get at your opponent's units. Utilize them to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

Activated Sites

Few sites in the game make a bigger splash than those that have activated abilities. These tend to be fairly cataclysmic in scope, from mighty volcanoes erupting and wreaking havoc on a large portion of the battlefield to island leviathans that awake from their slumber, rising from the deeps to rampage across the realm.

Building up the necessary resources to activate these sites may take time, but when it happens, the landscape will never be the same again.

These are just a few examples of what sites can do in Sorcery. When constructing your decks, it is advisable to consider how the landscape can aid you in achieving victory. Make sure to visit to see all of the sites that you can use to create your realm and join our online communities to learn about site tactics from other Sorcerers!

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