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On January 20th, 2024, Sorcerers convened from various corners of the Scandinavian Sorcery Discord server to partake in an in-person Sorcery event at Alphaspel in Stockholm, Sweden. Guided with meticulous care by the event organizer, Ragnar Wichers, players assembled for an event that sought to capture the thrill of Sorcery gameplay while maintaining the relaxed and welcoming feeling the community has become widely known for. Among the attendees were the renowned Sorcery artist, Mattias Frisk, and Sorcery community advocate Jens, commonly known from the popular Sorcery YouTube channel, Cardboard Guide. United by a shared purpose to partake in the Sorcery experience, this event unfolded with an unexpected genesis...

Organizer’s Inaugural Venture into TCGs

Ragnar Wichers, the mastermind behind the event, revealed that despite his fascination with trading card games, he had never before participated in an event of this nature. He confessed to harboring apprehensions about attending TCG events in the past, citing the heavy emphasis on the competitive atmosphere of some events as a deterrence. However, with Sorcery, Ragnar sensed a distinct difference. He shares, "Something felt different... Maybe because the game is marketed as a casual game. Or maybe I just really enjoy the community."

Capturing the Casual Atmosphere of Kitchen Table Play

In a bid to encapsulate Sorcery's more relaxed "kitchen table" feel that fueled his desire to organize a Sorcery event, Ragnar meticulously planned through the Scandinavian Discord server to provide the best possible overall experience for attendees - with particular attention to ensuring that veterans and newcomers alike could have a positive experience. Drawing insights from the Sorcery community, he opted for a Sealed format featuring a 4-round, best-of-one Swiss structure, prioritizing inclusivity for all players. The prize distribution was carefully crafted to ensure every participant received something of value and to guarantee the event's seamless execution additional rulebooks and clarifications were printed in advance.

Jens, well-known in the Sorcery community from the YouTube channel Cardboard Guide, commented that “at the end of the day all players were all smiles, enhanced by the very nice participation prize of Alpha booster packs to each player.”

In addition to awards for the top four, extra prizes were given out by die roll to ensure an exciting spread of rewards for all players - but for many, the highlight was the opportunity to meet with Sorcery artist Mattias Frisk, who not only participated in the event but also stayed after to sign art prints! Having made the trip from Denmark to Sweden, Jens added “If Sorcery players around the globe are anything like those in the Swedish community, participants in events are in for a treat!”

You can find Cardboard Guide's insights from the event here:

More than Champions, Community!

With events ongoing around the world, the team at Erik’s Curiosa wants to take this opportunity to congratulate players, event organizers, and those who play at home for helping to champion Sorcery in their ways - but especially for always keeping the welcoming spirit of Sorcery: Contested Realm front and center!

Photo credits: Ragnar Wichers

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