Sorcery News (May 12th)

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This week, we are spotlighting community contributions to, recounting tales from the Auckland Games Fair, and diving into Sorcery's history with our friends over at the Booster Pack Network. We know that folks are excited to get Sorcery in hand, and we have more information on production and distribution to come. In the meantime...

Sorcery Spotlight: Winning Agenda’s Voidwalk Battlemage Deck

With recent updates to, deck primers can now feature embedded cards. Jesse from the Winning Agenda showcases these changes in this update’s Sorcery Deck Spotlight: TWA’s Voidwalk Battlemage Deck. Be sure to read to the end, we’re calling on veterans to help us champion this cause!

Sorcery out in the Wild: The Auckland Games Fair

The Sorcery team ventured to the Auckland Games Fair in New Zealand to run demos and showcase original art. Our very own Sean Goodison recounts the experience!

Making the Sorcery: Contested Realm TCG, CCG Podcast

In Erik's latest Sorcery interview, he shares the story behind the creation of Sorcery with the team at the Booster Pack Network. From discussing the project's history to addressing community inquiries, it's a fascinating conversation that you won’t want to miss!

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