Sorcery News (June 8th)

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Erik's Curiosa


There are only a few more days left to participate in the Life Imitates Art: Sorcery Contested Realm Community Art Challenge and the Sorcery team has been blown away by the quality and creativity on display in the submissions thus far!

Join in on the fun!

There is still time to participate and share your creativity with the Sorcery community, all while earning a chance to win some Sorcery: Contested Realm product!

Here’s what you need to do!

Head on over to, pick your favorite Sorcery card, and recreate it using mundane objects from everyday life! Then share your recreation in the Sorcery Contested Realm Official Facebook group, using the hashtag #sorcerytcg

The Life Imitates Art Community Challenge ends on Saturday, June 10th at 10 am PDT!

An Inspiration to the Team

Inspired by the community, Mike Haught, Sorcery: Contested Realm game designer, took a quick break from his work on Arthurian Legends to make his own art recreation!

Mike notes: “As a member of a very aviation-centric family, Elvira Shakirova's Wings of Invention was the obvious choice for my effort. It's a scratch-built free-flight model of Richard Pearse's 1903 flyer (first "flown" on 31 March 1903, nine months ahead of the Wright brothers). The pilot is none other than the intrepid Amelia Earhart!”

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